Trial By Fire : The Forging Of Modern Physics

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Trial By Fire: The Forging of Modern Physics

Most often, great minds are few and far between. It is an unusual circumstance for a collection of brilliant thinkers to exist at the same time, and even more strange for them to collaborate or clash. Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz are a spectacular demonstration of this phenomenon. Throughout their careers in mathematics and physics, the two often found themselves at arms over everything from credit for discoveries to the nature of space itself. Despite both scientists producing profound and influential work in their fields, many of their works contradict each other, and they often clashed over findings. Although the the scientific developments of Newton and Leibniz were often in contradiction to each other, the past, and the present, their works became essential to the creation of more complete modern theories.
Of the conflicts that occurred between these great scientists, the two with the most profound impacts were over the founding of calculus and the nature of the fabric of space as it relates to motion. With regards to the debates over credit for calculus, feuding between the two scientists outlined their personalities and methodologies of production, which varied greatly based on attitude and—consequently—actions. Letters between the two, as well as publicly documented debate, not only paint a portrait of the two scientists, but provide insight into their processes of deduction and how they
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