Trial of Socrates

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All of them died for their beliefs. The Trial of Socrates depicts a scene where Socrates is in prison condemned to death and he is speaking with an acquaintance Crito. Socrates is being put to death because he was charged with corrupting the youth and not acknowledging the gods. Although over the course of the trial Socrates has numerous opportunities to evade the death penalty, he does not seem interested in pursuing those options. When he is convicted and put in jail, he has many opportunities to escape from prison. Crito offers three arguments to try and convince Socrates to escape but Socrates counters all of Crito’s points. I believe that Socrates did not escape from prison after being convicted because he wanted to cement his legacy and beliefs through his death. Socrates believed that he was sent to Athens by the gods to wake them from their intellectual slumber. He describes himself as a gadfly stinging a horse. He is trying to pester the Athenian people into think about the truth. This quote depicts a scene of Socrates talking to Crito and his students about why he is not going to escape. “You would have me act on blind impulse? This is not what I have taught you. Reason must rule our every action. I can't run from my fate. My life was here in Athens. My purpose was to protect this city from herself. I will not live without her” (Trial ).…

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