Trials and Verdicts Essay

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Trials and Verdicts Crystal L. Sanders Professor Roshanna S. Parker CRJ 100 – Intro to Criminal Justice February 25, 2015 Bergen County v. Baksh and Roberts On August 12, 2010, Officers Saheed Baksh and Jeffrey Roberts were the first to respond to Bogota after a high-speed chase that started when two suspects fled the scene of a home that they attempted to burglarize. When apprehending the suspects, one of them reached for what Baksh suspected was a gun and the officer fired two rounds, both of which missed the driver. It was believed that both officers failed to immediately report the shooting and that officer Baksh removed the shell casing from the crime scene and at first had denied that he had even discharged his weapon.…show more content…
Hankins’ Facebook page had shown that a dispute was growing. In my opinion I don’t believe justice was served, although it can’t be proven who had actually fired the bullet someone is dead because of what seem to be simply some turf war. Although they did serve time, which was only 90 days, what about the family of Marcus Hankins that are still wondering exactly how he was killed and what event led up to his death. State v. McCollum and Brown 30 years after being convicted in the rape and murder of an 11 year-old girl, two mentally disabled half-brothers were declared innocent and released. McCollum, 50, had spent 30 years on death row and Leon Brown, 46 was serving a life sentence. McCollum and Brown who were 19 and 15 at the time were first arrested because of suspicion cast on them by a local teenager who had consider them outsiders. McCollum was questioned with no lawyers present and after 5 hours of questioning he eventually made up a story and signed a confession so that the investigators would let him go home. Brown, after being told that his half-brother had confessed and that he would severely punished if he didn’t cooperate he also signed a confession. They had both initially received death sentences but after new trials were ordered by the State Supreme Court, Mr. Brown was convicted only of

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