Tribal Court Authority Research Paper

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Tribal Court Authority: Alcohol and Drug Regulations Alaska faces a variety of different problems. One of the main concerns of Alaskans is the abuse of drugs and alcohol (Alcohol and Drug Abuse). Abusing these substances causes a lot of wrongdoing in communities and creates obstacles that dramatically affect the people of Alaska, especially in rural areas. Tribal courts across the state attempt to resolve these problems by establishing an array of different rules and regulations to help protect the Alaskan people. Without community support- change is not ensured (Tanana Chiefs 95). According to the National Alcoholism Center, Alaska has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the nation as well an enormous rate for binge…show more content…
Another report attributed to drug and alcohol abuse shows that the sexual abuse of children is approximately 6 times the national average (STAR). Abusing alcohol also opens the door to unresolved pain, anger, and grief; that leads to bad decisions, such as suicide (Hopkins 3). Another considerable factor of this problem is the influence these substances have on children. Alcoholism in the home is an extremely hard issue to cope with as a child. Domestic violence, which is often worsened by alcohol abuse, causes a lot of mental issues that affect children permanently. Many kids do not have a stable home and are forced to see their parents and loved ones struggle with drinking (Hopkins 7). Suffering through the effects of drugs and alcohol also make education a challenge. Children often times stay home from school or are inattentive during class due to lack of sleep from late-night parties or rowdiness at home.This makes it almost impossible to succeed later in life and lets the problem continue onto the next generation. Bootlegging is a major concern in rural Alaska as most of these substances come from outside of the villages. A bottle of alcohol legally purchased for less than $10 in a city liquor store can be sold in a dry village for $150 to $300 per bottle. Because of this, bills go unpaid and children go uncared for (Hopkins 5). All of these are widely known problems across the state. Tribes across Alaska have been granted with inherent sovereignty;
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