Trible's Scripture

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To continue, what I think Trible was trying to get at when she was asking that people that interpret scripture must reread rather than rewriting scripture and religious texts is that reading critically is more important than reading with preconceived notions and trying to prove that the text is in fact a piece of work that puts men over women, women over men, men dominating women, and or women dominating men, but seeing women and men as equal with one another. When scripture is rewritten, it loses its context just as the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden and peoples interpretations have twisted the meaning and the story behind the creation of woman and man, the earth, and all else that inhabits it. She ends by saying that the scripture…show more content…
Her the interpretations of biblical texts and the sexism that isn’t at al blatantly stated in the scripter, but brought into the text by those interpreting according to their own ideas was pretty interesting. Interesting in the sense that it questions, not the text, by the reader and their understandings of sex, gender, and how the text is read by many through a patriarchal lens rather than taken for what it is. When Trible brings up Yahweh as being an androgynous being that, from what I took from her piece, was that God is more closely spoken of and more closely associated with a mother figure; the seamstress, the nurturer, the care taker, the housekeeper, and the mother. Trible even goes as far as referring to God as a “maternal Deity”. So while she discusses Yahweh; the God of Israel, as androgynous they’re also seems to be a more feminine leaning interpretation coming through in how she’s read the text and based on the tasks done by God. Those tasks were known as task commonly done by women during the time. Over all this was an informative text, it really makes you question what it would be like if social stereotypes weren’t built on masculine dominance and patriarchy; how would religious text be interpreted
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