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Tricare or CHAMPUS is a health insurance program that is for spouses and dependents of active duty military personnel as well as retired military and their family. There are different plans with this program. They are called TRICARE Prime, Standard and Global Remote Overseas. Also, a Medicare program is available for retired military personnel, which is called TRICARE for Life. Each plan has different benefits and eligibility requirements. TRICARE Prime is used for members who must travel more than 100 miles from their primary care doctor to receive special care. Beneficiaries are reimbursed for certain travel costs like lodging and meals. These types of expenses are reimbursed up to the government rate. The average cost for…show more content…
The facility may put mileage limits beyond 30 minutes or specify zip codes ("Tricare plans and," 2013). Military personnel and their family members must participate in the DEERS which is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. It is a database of service members whether they are active duty or retired, their family members and other people who are eligible for military benefits and TRICARE. In order for military personnel to receive benefits they must have current registration in DEERS ("Tricare plans and," 2013). They can enroll online and keep everything up to date via the internet. Claims and reimbursement may also be made through multiple website affiliated with TRICARE. After doing my research and trying to differentiate between all the TRICARE plans it seems as though it can be quite difficult on deciding which plan is best. There are just so many different options and plans that are for specific types of military personnel. Some plans should be chosen with consideration to location of the active duty member and their family. It would be best to stick with the Prime plan in most situations but other plans may need to be added as a supplement to ensure out of pocket costs are kept low for families. The positive aspect is that there are many choices and ways to keep everyone in the family covered and at a low cost. It would be helpful for military personnel and their family members to have a class

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