Trichotillomania Onset Pregnancy

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Trichotillomania is characterized by recurrent episodes of hair pulling behavior leading to noticeable loss of hair, increasing tension before hair-pulling or while coping with the urge to pull out hair, taking pleasure or a sense of relief while pulling out hair, and social, occupational, and functional impairment1.

Trichotillomania can involve any area in the body; however, the most common areas are the scalp, followed by the eyebrows and eyelashes in children and in adults2. The seriousness of the pulling behavior is perceived over time, and the disease exhibits a chronic course and it is resistant to therapy3. It has been reported that patients with trichotillomania often did not feel pain while pulling out hair, followed a particular pattern of hair-pulling, and often chose strands with unusual appearance, and exhibit repetitive behavior such as engaging oral stimulation after hair-pulling4-5. Some studies have suggested that trichotillomania had many common features with obsessive compulsive disorder4-5.Here we discuss a patient with trichotillomania onset pregnanacy case.

Case :

KD is a 19-years-old female, married, secondary school graduate who is currently unemployed. The patient was admitted to the juvenile outpatient clinic accompanied by her parents with the complaints of anxiety and pulling out eyebrow that lasted for 2 weeks. It was realized that the patient did not have similar past complaints, or she has not been admitted to the psychiatry
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