Trickery Has Always Existed

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Trickery Has Always Existed

In the Twelfth Night, the typical craziness of love and relationships is shown. Viola starts the confusion as she poses a man to get a job in the home of the Duke, Orsino. Because of her hard work and loyalty, she or Cesario (which is her disguised name) becomes a favorite of Orsino. The real twist begins here because Viola begins to fall in love with Orsino, but since she is “Cesario”, she cannot let these feelings be known without reveling her true identity.
One of her duties in the house of the Duke is messenger and she is required to deliver a message to Lady Olivia who Orsino is love with. The messages she must deliver are Orsino declaring his love to Olivia, but the opposite happens. Olivia falls for
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