Trickery and Deception in Ender's Game Essay

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Deception can involve being tricked by others, or tricking one's self. In Card's novel, trickery and false promises are parts of both games and deadly conflicts. Discuss the ways that deception is figured in the novel.

Deception-the act of deceiving; state of being deceived; artifice practiced; fraud; double-dealing; to mislead the mind of; to impose on; to delude; fraud; guile; cunning (Webster Dictionary). Deception is universal and serves many purposes. Deception can be used to hurt or protect, depending on the motives of the deceptor. In Orson Scott Card's novel, Ender's Game, deception plays many roles. The main use of deception is the adults versus the children. Early on in the novel it is indicated that Ender already
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Although Ender has already drawn conclusions about the deceit towards him, Dink Meeker plants a seed in Ender's head about what he thinks the battle school's about and what he thinks the teachers are doing. At this point, Ender starts seeing another side to things; and even though Ender realizes and admits to himself what the teachers are doing and that he is being manipulated and tricked, he still continues onward.

The IF and teachers graduated Ender on to Commander School. Before he actually goes to Commander School, he spends three months on Earth, during which he decides he doesn't want to continue going to school. Graff decides to use Valentine to manipulate him into going back to school. "We meant his leave to last only a few days. But you see he doesn't seem interested in going on with his education. Oh so I'm therapy again" (Card 233).

Valentine does go to see Ender. "For she had, after all, done just what they wanted. She had talked Ender into going back into his training and he wouldn't soon forgive her for that" (Card 242). Ender feels responsibility toward Valentine and toward his own Army and then eventually toward the world. "All your tricks worked, Valentine, too; she was another one of your tricks to make me remember that I am not going to school for myself" (Card 244).

Many people look up to Ender. He's sort of like the hero of the lonely kids who may not fit in. When he
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