Trickster Tales Are An Important Part Of The Native American Culture

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Trickster tales have been an important part of the Native American culture for hundreds of years. Trickster tales are an oral storytelling tradition and are continuously passed down from generation to generation of Native American Indians. American Indians enjoy listening and telling trickster tales because it is a fun and interesting way to tell a story with a valuable lesson. In many tales, the trickster has a name associated with an animal, and a majority of listeners assume they are animals; however, in some tales, characteristics may appear more human-like. Trickster tales allow Native American cultures to use their imagination and thoroughly understand the moral lessons presented in the tales, and therefore may help with one’s…show more content…
The beginning of the story starts with the trickster wandering around aimlessly and encountering a little fox. The fox told the trickster “the world is going to be a difficult place to live in and I am trying to find some clean place to dwell” (105). The trickster replied to the little fox that he was looking for a place to live as well, and they should look together. As they were looking for a place, they encountered a jaybird and a nit, who were also looking for a place to live. After traveling for some time, they eventually found a lovely place with beautiful land and decided to settle there and built a lodge. Unfortunately, paradise came to an end when winter approached and they had nothing left to eat. The trickster however, had a plan to visit a nearby village and disguise himself as a woman and marry the chief 's son who was killing many animals for food. They all agreed the plan was brilliant and could live happily in peace until spring came. Moreover, the trickster disguised himself as a woman by taking an elk’s liver and making a vulva from it. He them proceeded to take the elk’s kidneys and make breasts from them, as well as putting on a woman’s dress. Eventually, the trickster transformed into a pretty woman and decided to have intercourse with the fox, jaybird, and nit to impregnate himself. He went to the village and it was announced that he came for the court of the chief’s son, which was inappropriate manner since the son should have
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