Tried And Tested:. The Impact Of Online Hotel Reviews On

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Tried and tested:
The impact of online hotel reviews on consumer consideration
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1 Introduction
· Research Gap
Impacts of online reviews
Researches on electronic word-of-mouth
Relationships between users and contributors of review sites
· Research aim
Find out the impact of online reviews to hotels’ potential consumers. i.e., their purchase decisions
· Research framework
An experimental study was conducted to assess the moderating influence of review valence, hotel familiarity, and reviewer expertise on the within-subject effect of online hotel reviews on consumer awareness, attitudes, and
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Vermeulen Daphne Seegers
· Methods
The writers give 9 hypotheses first, then through the email surveys, manipulation checks, and analyses, prove all the hypothesis and answer the questions.
· Questions To what extent exposure to online reviews affects consumers’ preference when they select hotels?
What are the influences by hotel brand awareness, and reviews by experts to consumers?
· Theory
This research applies consideration set theory to model the impact of online hotel reviews on consumer choice.
a. Brand awareness
Brand awareness is the key variable.
Consumer choice process:
• List all possible choice options, based on their awareness set.
• Narrow lists down to the consideration set.
• Narrow choices down to a very small choice set, even to a single choice.
• b. Hotel awareness
• Well-known hotels are more easy to remind and to be choosen for average consumer than lesser-known hotels.
• c. Hotel consideration
• Hotel awareness and hotel attitude can be seen as complementary factors of hotel consideration, and will increase hotel awareness and impact which increases hotel consideration also.
3 Methodology
How the data was collected and analyse? ◆Place Netherlands (different parts) ◆ People ·168 respondents completed the entire experiment. · The average age: 31 · Education background: 80.0% had a college degree · Gender: 43.5% were men, 56.5% were women ◆ Process · Set pre-stimulus

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