Trifels/ Sexism

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Danielle Archer Mr. Ellis November 10, 2009 Theme Essay We are All Sexist The play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell is about the major differences between women and men. This story was written in a time period when women were treated much differently than they are today, and the women and this story are not taken seriously. This story exposes the sexism that women dealt with then, and still to some extent deal with today. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale find incriminating evidence against Minnie, but the men never think to ask them their opinion; they are too busy looking for solid tangible, evidence. The “trifles” the women are worried about do not matter to the men. Although the women find evidence to believe Minnie is the killer, they…show more content…
Each gender is secretly fighting a sexist battle. The women are indoors searching for clues to justify poor Minnie. They try to paint a picture of what could have happened to her, and what kind of life she must have lived. In reality, they had no idea. They were on Minnie 's side for one reason, and that is because she is a female. The men are no different. Minnie could be innocent. They have found no evidence or motive against her. They are painting their own picture of the murder which suits their sexist views. After all, Mrs. Hale mentions that “there was a gun in the house (771).” The men did not mention anything about a gun, because it did not fit in their plan to blame Minnie. The theme of this story is that both men and women can be sexist in certain situations. In this time period one would assume that women would be loyal and truthful to their husbands. Mrs. Hale is a farmer 's wife, like Minnie, and repeatedly defended Minnie 's housekeeping, comparing it to her own. These women put themselves in Minnie 's place. Could this be happening to them? In certain situations everyone has a sexist side to them. The County Attorney said to Mrs. Hale, “Ah, loyal to your sex, I see....(770),” Which is ironic. She is loyal to her sex, but he has no idea how true that statement is. The women are so loyal to their sex that they hide the evidence, or as the men would call it “trifles”, that they find in the house that would possibly link
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