Trifles Play Comparison

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Trifles Comparison The audio and visual representations of Trifles captured the main aspects the play. During the first scene, Glaspell establishes the plot, setting, and characters. As a result, the first scene, which presents the murder of John, Mrs. Wright husband, is a vital aspect of the play. The first scene begins with the Sheriff, George Henderson, who is the attorney, Lewis and Martha Hale, and the Sheriff’s wife. All the characters are gathered in Mrs. Wright's living room discussing the murder and the events leading up to the murder. All in all, the audio and visual plays remained true to the original written version, captured the emotion, and lived up to my expectations, but they both contained similarities and differences. First…show more content…
Personally, the audio play lived up to my expectations more so than the visual play. While the visual play was excellent and followed the play well, the setting seemed undone. For example, the kitchen appliances were white, which didn’t seem appropriate for an old farm house. Also, the attire was underdone as well. The Sheriff didn’t have an official uniform on and the attire didn’t appear period correct. On the other hand, the audio play provided the voiceover, which allows the reader to visualize the play on their own. Secondly, I feel the visual played provided more emotional appeal. Mainly, the emotional appeal came from the actors facial expressions and body language. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to obtain the same effect through an audio recording. Third of all, the audio recording provided sound effects as opposed to a physical setting. For example, instead the rocking chair being shown, the audio provided the sound of a rocking chair. Another example, instead of showing the dishes like the visual play, the audio recording provided sounds of dishes being moved around in a sink. Overall, the audio recording captured the author’s intent the
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