Trigger Warnings And Academic Freedom

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Mattie Hammock
Ms. Hollingsworth
EN 1113-RKDU
25 Sept. 2017 And they wonder..

Trigger warnings lead to emotional immaturity and an oversensitive society. Trigger warnings leave an effect on students after they graduate college and prepare for a professional job. Trigger warnings also take away the education from each student by allowing rules and policies over protect them from sensitive material. Trigger warnings alert students when a sensitive subject will be taught in class. Trigger warnings allow rules and policies to overtake curriculums inside the classroom. Therefore, trigger warnings damage the academic freedom for students that feel that they have been offended on a certain content. Academic freedom is when people articulate
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As a result, trigger leave the generations after generations with less information and more rules to remember. Trigger warnings leave a negative effect on the academic freedom to society and teachers in the classroom. Trigger warnings let students think that just because they do not feel comfortable with a topic then it approves them to think it does not pertain them now or in the near future. Trigger warnings shelter students from their education because they feel offended by the content. From the article, “Dual Enrollment and Trigger Warnings” the author notes, “Let them know upfront that they may encounter subjects or approaches that they wouldn’t have in high school, and accepting that is a price of admission. Rather than labeling individual courses -- which could give a false impression of “safety” anyplace the label didn’t appear -- better to flag the issue globally first.” Matt Reed is explaining that the college student should have already been globally prepared for the class before agreeing to take it. Trigger warnings do not help prepare college students for the real life future, rather they allow them to believe that someone will consider
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