Trim Castle

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“Send me somewhere in Ireland.” The Mrs. Sparr asked. Well the place I am going to send you, Mrs. Sparr, is a place called Trim Castle. And here is an interesting fact I found about that exact place. Trim Castle is built on the site of a wooden fortress, which was burned down by the Irish while on British rule. I believe that Trim Castle is the absolute best place for Mrs. Sparr to go that is in Ireland. First of all, Trim Castle sounds breathtaking, astonishing, and an especially riveting place to go. If this castle looks familiar it is because the people who created the movie Braveheart shot part of the movie in that very castle. It was used as a scene in a Scottish assault on York. The castle itself is in ruins and it was the scene of many battles. But, don’t be sad because you can still explore the castle and look around.…show more content…
Sparr should pick this place to go is because it is very historic. Trim Castle was the first and largest stone castle ever constructed in Ireland. It was also taken and retaken repeatedly by many groups of people who were fighting. Trim Castle, when it was newer, more acted as a garrison than a place of residence. One last reason, the defenses of Trim Castle are amazing and very well thought out. Trim Castle covers about three acres of land. It is surrounded by outer curtain walls. Complete with defensive towers to defend a seventy-five foot high central
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