Trimalchio's Dinner Party

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Trimalchio hosts’ a farewell dinner which is a dinner given to gladiators who were about to face wild beasts in the arena. Trimalchio is a Semitic name based on the word for “prince” and he is a high living individual. However, a well-born Roman reader would not approve of his attitudes and behavior. You get a good sense of what Trimalchio is like early on in the story when he is in the middle of talking to Menelaus and snaps his fingers for a slave to bring him a pot. When the slave brings the pot to Trimalchio he peed in it, asked for water and then used the slave’s hair to dry his hands. (19) Trimalchio had many slaves, some of their jobs were miniscule(petty) that it consisted of them standing near the dining room door and saying…show more content…
One example of this is when the table was cleared and three pigs were brought into the room, Trimalchio asked his guests which one they wanted to eat and without waiting for a response he picked the one he wanted to be cooked. He spends most of the dinner talking about himself and bragging about his belonging as well. Trimalchio mentions that his serving plates are made out of corinthean bronze and he was the only one to own such a thing. Although entertainment was a big part of a traditional Roman dinner, the entertainment Trimalchio provided was only enjoyable to him. For example when acrobats preformed Trimalchio was the only one who was impressed by their act. Also his alcohol consumption leads him to rude manners and even insults towards guests. Trimalchio ends the night by kissing a good looking slave causing a fight between him and Fortunata. Trimalchio says some really rude and hurtful things about Forunata over such a little incident. Trimalchio makes it difficult for anyone to get close to him or trust him because he can change his whole in just a moment. Trimalchio then tells his whole life story and then lays on the couch and told his guests to pretend he’s dead. The Romans drank a lot of wine but not straight or quickly. “Diluting wine and drinking with restraint were ordinary courtesy. The purpose of a dinner party was relaxed
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