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‘Classical’ architecture is a language that speaks to us with antiquity. The Exam Hall, once Theatre, on the campus of Trinity College Dublin can be viewed as a neo-classical building, built during the Georgian era. Neo-classical architecture is the revival of Greek and Roman classicism that took place in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This revival of architecture as James Adams, a famous English architect said, “was ready to seize with some degree of success, the beautiful spirit of antiquity,” which is quintessentially seen in the Exam Hall. The exterior of the Exam Hall displays classical semblances of the Roman Corinthian Order while the interior is decorated using a classical color pallet and style. This paper will…show more content…
In comparing the Exam Hall to renowned neo-classical buildings we can deduce that we are rightful in describing Trinity College Dublin’s Exam Hall as being ‘classical’. Chamber’s classical style shined in much of his work, specifically the exam hall. Trinity Colleges Exam Hall can be described as classical because it is built following the guidelines of Corinthian Order. During the period of classical architecture the Greeks founded the original three orders—Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian—different classical styles of building that followed certain rules and mathematical ratios. The Romans adopted these orders and made them their own. Roman Corinthian Order is the style of the Exam Hall. The most distinctive element is the columns, which support an entablature. The Exam Halls columns contain smooth unfluted shafts made from Portland Stone, a highly sought after stone at the time. The column capital is ornate as all classical capitals are. The capital is decorated with acanthus leaves and small volutes. There is also a fleuron in the center of the abacus, which lie atop the column capital. The capitals are also made of Portland stone. The entablature, being held up by the columns, contains three discrete elements that are classical in architecture. The Exam Hall exemplifies all three of these elements. The architrave and frieze are found to be smooth while the cornice contains dentils,

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