Trinity Dragons Robotics Concert Report

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This year, Trinity Dragons Robotics has reached for the stars. Our innovative designs have brought us to a competitive level on a world stage. As the Starstruck season was unveiled, we knew that to achieve a competitive skills score we would need high hanging capability. Understanding that the 12 points available would be crucial, we set to work designing our robot around this element. Consequently, two major aspects of our robot, T.R.A.S.H. and the Dragon Drive, were created specifically to assist our hang.

To begin with, we designed and built T.R.A.S.H. to assist our hang. As this year’s game requires our robot to have the capacity to throw large clumps of stars and cubes, we needed lift assist in the direction of our throw. However, this creates force that opposes the direction of our hang. Understanding this, we determined it would be wise to implement a “Tension Release Allowing Successful Hanging.” We wrap rubber bands around the four-bar in such a way that the lift is assisted. Next, the loose ends of …show more content…

At first, we tested an x-drive to evaluate its effectiveness. Sadly, this specific drive proved incredibly difficult to run in autonomous. Additionally, it was not nearly as fast as we needed it to be. With this knowledge beneath our belts, we created what we call the Dragon Drive. While it is more commonly known as a U-drive, we had never seen one before as they are not used often, and so we renamed it. The Dragon Drive consists of two rear wheels in an x-drive shape and two front wheels in the tank drive configuration. After evaluation, we determined that this drive was as fast as a tank drive, but had better turning efficiency. Additionally, and more importantly, the geometry of the back of the drive lines up perfectly for hanging. This design enabled us to line up and hang quickly in autonomous and driver

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