Trinity Hospital Management Strategies Analysis

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TRINITY HOSPITAL STRATEGIES 2 Trinity Hospital Strategies Introduction Hospitals are organizations, which involve constant movement of people hence suitable structures, planning, and facilities should be put to ensure adequate delivery of services. Hospital structures should allow adequate space for expansion. They should be placed where there are many people and in places where they are easily accessible. Hospitals provide different healthcare facilities, inpatient services and outpatient services; this requires proper planning and appropriate buildings to manage different patients. Trinity hospital is one of the hospitals with the highest patient satisfaction in the U.S. it is a for- profit hospital, which offers a, wide range of services surgical, medical and support services. It has well trained medical and support staff. It has a capacity of 150 beds and 14 are for intensive care. All basic support services are available including a PET scanner which is not properly utilized. It is located in a campus, and It covers 25 acres and accessible to many roadways. The hospital has put up a strategic plan to expand its services such as; cardiology, ecology and orthopedic programs. There are specialists in these areas, but they do not practice due to lack of facility. Trinity hospital has put up management strategies that they are working to achieve. Building a place for orthopedic programs is one of the business strategies to help in improving the hospital. Advantages of
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