Trinity Lake Vacation

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Trinity Lake houseboat rentals offer an impressive array of options, amenities and sizes. At the most basic level, visitors can enjoy a houseboat designed for the rugged outdoorsman and backwoods adventures. The most lavish houseboats are like floating, palatial hotels that contain everything except concierge services. No matter what type of houseboating experience you are looking for, you can find it at Trinity Lake. Placed just 20 miles west of Lake Shasta, Trinity Lake remains a hidden treasure. Few tourists realize that it exists, so it retains a wild, pristine beauty that is hard to find in the modern world. Visitors can enjoy hidden beaches and secluded coves alone without the interference of other travelers. Peaceful and unpopulated, this lake is one of the area's best places to go for a vacation.…show more content…
With a pleasant temperature for most of the year, this lake can be enjoyed from early spring to late fall. The brilliant colors of the fall leaves make it a popular destination for romantic weekends
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