Trip Before The First Year Of My College

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I have always looked forward to traveling to London. This is because of the exciting stories I heard from my friends. From the stories, I heard that London accommodated the best museums, and other historical places. I planned and decided to take the trip before the first year of my college. I have not traveled alone outside the United States of America so I scheduled the visit to London late October 2014. Before traveling, I bought the travel card via online. I ensured I had paid for my return ticket. This timing turned out to be perfect because my cousin who resides in London invited me to his place, it was an opportunity for me to spend my vacation with him in London. I ensured that I had sufficient cash. After confirming my reservation, I had a mixed feeling of travelling alone. On getting into the aircraft, my heart was panting because I was faced with challenges of unknown fear. I encouraged myself that I can make it down to London without any problem. The plane ride was fun and I arrived to my desired city on a Monday, collected my luggage from the claiming point at Heathrow. My cousin waited patiently to welcome me, as soon as I saw him my heart was filled with joy that I finally made it alone to London. My cousin rushed and hugged me, took my luggage and we headed to the tube which is the equivalent to the underground subway in New York City but it’s much cleaner and more organized in London so, we rode for an hour to get to his house which was located in the

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