Trip To America Journal Entries Essay

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Day 1: Dear Journal, I just woke up and I'm so tired, but my adrenaline is starting to kick in for the amazing trip ahead of me. I can't wait to get on the plane and start my adventure to The National Park of American Samoa. My mom and dad are taking me for a family vacation. Our plane leaves at 5:00 am headed to Australia because there are no direct flights to American Samoa. The plane ride is 16 hours and when we get there it will be 9:00 pm in the USA but 5:00 am in Australia. Its going to be a long flight but I'll check back in when we land. Just landed! I am so excited, but i'm so jet lagged. We have a 1 hour layover, then we board another plane to American Samoa. The only airports in American Samoa are on the island Tutuila. The…show more content…
At Fragatele Bay it is a small beach and the water around the coral is very shallow. I was really excited because I had read a lot about the exotic fish here and really wanted to see one. I couldn't wait to make a requite to snorkeling since the last time when I was terrified by the fish. We got suited up in our gear and got into the water as fast as the instructors could keep up with us. The fish that I saw were the butterfly fish, Damselfish, and the parrot fish, the prettiest of all. None of the fish I saw were comestible because we were in a National Park. They were all so stunning and the way they moved reminded me of a cryptic message. They all had a mysterious glow to them.
After snorkeling we went back to the hotel and finished the night off in a warm Jacuzzi reminiscing about all the adventures we had on this trip. I think my favorite experience was snorkeling but soon the snorkeling gear began to chafe at my skin which will make an uncomfortable plane ride home. I can't believe we have to be up at 9:00 in the morning to catch our plane home. I had such an amazing time visiting The National Park of American Samoa and I will never forget the great experience I had
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