Trip To Washington

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I have been blessed to be able to visit several places already, which many would desire to travel to. I have walked along the bustling streets of New York City, and have seen a show chock full of acclaimed actors performed on Broadway. Twice have I strolled Capitol Hill and stared admiringly upon the artifacts of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I have sailed the high seas with Jack Sparrow on a Disney cruise through the Caribbean. I have journeyed the cobblestone paths of Alexandria, Virginia and enjoyed a meal at Gadsby's Tavern, which the founding fathers once frequented. My love of the 1700-1800’s have led me to explore what I could of the remnants of colonial America, and my brother’s love of the ocean allowed me to get some…show more content…
I would imagine the past lingers there as it does in Washington DC, an area so saturated in historical significance that it almost feels as if you are witnessing the past firsthand. Much as I enjoyed touring destinations such as Mount Vernon and the Smithsonian museums, I believe the same overwhelming sense of being transported back in time would envelop me there. I have always loved experiencing the echoes of history firsthand, and London would allow me to explore a whole new corner of the globe. There are of course the obvious destinations to visit such as Big Ben and the Tower of London, but I would also wish to visit the Enigma machine in Bletchley Park and the Hunterian Museum (which houses the oldest collection of anatomical specimens in the UK and holds treasures such as the Evelyn Tablets from the early 1640’s and a first edition copy of The Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin) just to name a few. History has always played a significant part in my life and anthropology is something I find incredibly fascinating, making London a truly perfect place for me to travel to. It is a city that possesses a certain charismatic charm that makes it almost irresistible to a nerd like
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