Trip to the Creation Museum

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Trip to the Creation Museum While in San Diego, California I went to The Creation Museum. This museum is dedicated to educating the public on the Christian viewpoint of Biblical creation and its significant effects and logical implications on history. While there, I took a tour with some other families. The ages of the participants ranged from young children to elderly adults, all seemed eager to learn. The educational discourse that I discovered in this museum was unlike any I have ever seen before. Before entering the museum, I contemplated what I might expect to find inside. Given the controversy behind the theory of creation I anticipated that most of the exhibits would be dedicated to disproving evolution. After all, that was the scientific way of explaining how everything began, so it is the primary thing that the museum ought to be refuting. I imagined that the exhibits would spend the majority of the museum tour explaining away things like Lucy, the archeological missing link fossil and would likely not have any substantial scientific evidence for its discussions. Finally, I was intrigued to see exactly what types of people would to go the museum and what I would learn inside. Upon driving into the museum's parking lot, I was immediately introduced to exactly what would be taught inside. Specifically, the entire museum foreground has life sized dinosaur statutes. Many families entering the museum had amazed children whose wide eyes revealed their interested
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