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The students at ASMS find being able to pick your own mindful activity a great way to take a break and sit back and relax from the stress that is surrounding them. Triple M stands for music, movement and mindfulness. Music and movement both fit into mindfulness. Breaking down general topics into those 3 areas. Triple M is about moving yourself away from other things, focusing on the activity. The Triple M program was brought into the school by Lauren (a teacher) who would go out and split students into group and colour in or play foot ball or listen to music. Triple M started in only one or two learning studies as a part of a well being program. Caroline (a teacher) started to build up what Lauren started into a larger program to
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All the questions that were laid out in the interview were answered in great detail being able to give a bit more back ground information on Triple M. As the interview was only produced by one teacher, each question wasn’t as packed with information than what was panned, but within that one interview there are very detailed answers that produce long and reasonable answers for each question. The data collected was the main source of research, and did back up some of the current information on websites. Such as, how mindfulness id helping benefit students, this was a major question asked in the interview but some websites back up this question as well. Showing that it helps the students by enjoyable and creative as well as productive, helping you to stay calm, focused and better manage the pressures of student life (Mindfulness for students, 2016) (Charlotte Twizell,…show more content…
Focusing on the present-moment internal and external experience broadens attention and allows for suspension of previously practiced patterns of reacting (anticipation or over engagement), sometimes called decentering (KQED, 2016). The practice of mindfulness with curiosity and acceptance strengthens tolerance for distress by altering automatic response patterns described previously. When practiced regularly, mindfulness can provide a powerful tool for restoring emotional balance and preventing engagement in harmful behavior (Charlotte Twizell,
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