Tristan Segers Definition Of A Hero

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Hero: comic book characters saving the world, firefighters, policemen, military personnel we call heros but makes them a hero? A true hero continues to fight a battle even when it is hard, they are brave in the face of fear, but heroes are not always confident. Heros push forward when difficult challenges arise. For example, after fighting in Afghanistan, soldier Tristan Segers returned home with one leg. However he kept his freedom and still does the things he loves even when it seems impossible in other’s eyes. Tristan states “ Of course the loss of a leg changes me. But it doesn’t define me or the rest of my life.” (SB,p. 59) Another example is Walt Disney, founder of the Disney corporation. In his early twenties Walt was fired from…show more content…
In the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass he explained after he escaped his cruel owners and was in free land. He had tried escaping once befor his success, but failed and was brutally punished by his owners for his hope. So when Douglass finally freed himself he didn’t know what to do. “... loneliness overcame me. There I was in the midst of thousands, and get a perfect stranger; without home and without friends, in the midst of thousands of my own brethren…” (SB,p.71) Frederick was scared even when he succeeded in his goals. The Drummer boy of Shiloh is yet another example of a hero with lack of confidence. “Me, thought the boy, I got only a drum, two sticks to beat it and no shield.” (SB,p.21) That quote expresses the thoughts running through, Joby, the drummer boy’s head, as he was looking upon the rest of the army. Later on in the story the general or the entire army comes and has a conversation with the drummer boy, sharing doubts he also has. The General tries to explain that Joby is the heart of the army because, he sets the mood of the situation based on how he plays his drum. Thus, it is alright for a hero to have doubts because after all they are
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