Tristan Smith And The Alien Building Essay

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Tristan Smith and The Alien Building site by K.P. Hogan is a thrilling read that takes readers on an ambitious trip within the solar system. The book is a Science-Fiction novel, the first of six, that follow Tristan in out of this world adventures each one catapulting readers deep into the world of space exploration.

Tristan’s long-term dream to traverse space becomes a reality when he is chosen to pilot a crew of eighty Alliance personnel on a space ship to Mars. “We seldom see in the night sky the dramas that pass us by.” The trip to the red planet leads him on a dangerous and taxing pursuit to make the first claim on ‘treasures’ still buried in the Martian soil: that could steer him, and his team members on to ground breaking discoveries of the century! Due to the painfully long duration of the trip to Mars, the crew is expected to swap roommates every twenty-eight days, this according to Admiral Thomas Booth has to do with “primordial body rhythms and lunar timing” thus is deemed necessary as it will help build anticipation and contest boredom amongst the crew. This, however, leads to an interesting turn of events. The team still finds that the odds are stacked against them. What with the hazards of space threatening their livelihoods and mission, will they all make it to Mars alive?
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While reading the book I could tell there was a lot of work and research that went into it, either that or the author might be well versed in the field of science if not a scientist for the reason that the detailed descriptions were not only highly impressive but also
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