Triton's Modern Influences

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Have you ever watched the little mermaid or Spongebob and wondered, " Who is Triton?" Most likely, you have. These two children's cartoons are both perfect examples of Triton's modern influence. I'm Nicholas Torres and I will be speaking about Triton. Born to Poseidon and Amphitrite, Triton was always in some way or another like his father. Triton carries a trident and uses a conch shell as a trumpet. Not much is known about Triton's childhood. One of the few things that is known about Triton is that he lived in a golden palace under water with his parents and that he really enjoyed traveling to the coast of Libya, where he met his lover, Libya. He had many siblings. Triton had about 50 half – siblings. Some of them are Theseus, Orion, Belus,
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