Triumph Launching Event

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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Customer Profile 6 Demographic 6 Behavioural 6
Environmental scan 7 SWOT Analysis 7 PEST Analysis 9
Store observations 10 In-store 10 Shoppers Behavior 11 Online shop 12 Ideas / Amendments for functional and creative online services 12
Brand Awareness Survey 14 Motorcycle range 14 Clothing and accessories 17
Conclusion and Recommendations 21 Range evaluation 21 Triumph dealers’ range 21

Executive Summary

Firstly, we shall present a little information about the company. The company was formed as a bicycle manufacturing company by Siegfried Bettmann in Coventry in 1887. In 1967, the production of the motorbike peaked at 47,000 units in this year.
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This is the way dealers can secure products for the season and allows Triumph to understand the market and best seller.
For the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection that we are appointed, Triumph has coordinate together with Barbour. Barbour is a UK owned clothing store broadening out from its countrywear roots. Todays the company produces clothing that is designed for a full country lifestyle. The collection is to be launch during February and March 2011. The launching event usually taken place at the factory where dealers visit the pop up store for viewing the new collection and this is to be joined by appointment only. Information, product demonstration and order making are taken place on the event day. Sometimes the person visiting the event may not have the authority to make the purchase, therefore the company is given them a 3 week launching event so that decisions can be made within this 3 weeks. During this 3 weeks, larger dealers have their individual bringing of 1-3 staffs whereas 2-4 small dealers are grouped together.
The main goal of this collection is to start expanding the market to those who are non-bikers. But the problem being that they have not been considering about putting their products into any other department stores because they want to give priority to their existing dealers for stocking Triumph products. There is no budget limit for the launching event and sounded like the previous events made at the factory has been quite low. Their main
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