Essay on Triumph of The Nerds

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Akshay!1 Akshay Jain Professor Susan Hubbard Computer’s Impact on Society 11 September 2014 ! The Blunders of Computer Giants historically affected their Economy. The remarkable contribution and digital competition between the computer giants historically affected the economy of the world wide industry. The inception of an innovation, aimed at proliferating the productivity of the contemporary technology on a global scale, encouraged the nerds to establish digital empires that continue to thrive today. Computer Giants contributed in the economic boom, thereby increasing the employment, sales, and the commercial demand in the market. The crucial and the careless mistakes or simply ignorance; economically affected the Giants…show more content…
The relationships and collaboration for developing a product, between these computer giants were quite interesting. Another Computer Giant ‘IBM’ wanted to develop a PC with a thinking of making it open architecture by using off the shelf components. Gary Kildall, the guy who had OS called CPM, refused to contribute with IBM, of which IBM was in need of. IBM and Microsoft came for making a PC as Microsoft had software and OS with a person whom they knew, he was Tim Patterson. It was called as “The Floridian Project”. Microsoft paid SCP $50,000 for OS as Tim was working for them. And for more chunks of profit, Microsoft sold the licenses to each computer for $50. After selling those PCs IBM gained 50% of the market. Though IBM was taking over the market, their some careless mistakes made them suffer. IBM did not buy the OS from Microsoft and did not prevent him from licensing it other computer giants. It was matter of time and other companies took on IBM. Even hardware suppliers of IBM such as Intel(CPU), Compaq started selling their own PC. The only thing that was proprietary to IBM was ROM-BIOS but that too was legally acquired by competitors through reverse engineering. IBM market was shrinking and they suffered from economical cutback. Akshay!3 Lastly, the Computer Giants in the silicon Valley started making clones to earn big chunks of sales and economic gain. The economy of the Giants was
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