Trobiand Island Society

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Trobrianders Society Question One Trobriand Islanders were ancestral occupants of the eastern coasts of Papua, New Guinea. They mostly practiced horticulture and had a matrilineal social structure (Weiner, 1988). Trobriand consisted of four main islands namely, Kiriwina, Kaileuna, Vukata and Kitava. The weather was humid and hot throughout the year, with frequent rainfall. The French and Germans were the first Europeans to settle on the island (Weiner, 1988). The leadership system was very competitive. The most powerful and wealthy men was declared chiefs and led their respective communities. Question Two Children were married by the age of twelve (Weiner, 1988). In addition, women were encouraged to exchange partners and be dominant and assertive just like their male counterparts. Once couple ate together and shared the same roof for approximately one year, they marriage was made official. Yams were the major commodity that was used to create alliance between families (Weiner, 1988). Question Three Bronislaw Malinowski and Annette Weiner were anthropologists who studied Trobrianders’ society. Malinowski’s primary goal was to examine the Kula trade. Even though Wiener’s original goal was to study the proprietary of women and mortuary ceremonies, she ended up reanalyzing Malinowski’s work. They both studied the role of women in the Trobriand society but arrived at different conclusions. According to Malinowski, women were inferior to men and regarded as reproductive

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