Trojan Horse and Trojan Virus Essay

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Trojan Horse and Trojan Virus. Today people know the “Trojan” or “Malware” as a computer virus. Trojan horses falsely show themselves as useful and valuable software to download from the Internet. People are fooled by the Trojan because it can describe itself as an application that can be useful on your computer, then people end up downloading them. But before that happens did you know that the Trojan itself is not dangerous at all it’s just a vessel for the other harmful applications to attach. A Trojan horse virus can spread in numerous ways. The most commons are email, “other is by using chat software such as Microsoft Messenger and Skype.” (Are from, Tech Community) or by copying itself to other people by the email…show more content…
The attacker can know by when they have the state of remote access, they will know every key your pressing, that is one of the way to get the password. Destructive Trojans, its purpose of its existence is to destroy and delete files on the victim computer; it can be programmed to strike at anytime. It effects are Malware payload can affect several components of a computer. It can deactivate the antivirus software in your system. When this happens, it will be able to download more malware and then after it destroy everything, the remote access will send it to other email address inside the computer to another, until it finishes and it will send it again to more people. And also of the attacker have an “Ads”, he can receive every cent in every time you go on the Internet, and he can host illegal program to download. Finally the attacker will receive cash and famous throughout online social, however for the victim if it gone bad to worst he could be arrested due to copyrighted material even he did not do anything The word “Trojan” also exist it works the same way of destruction but the way it was is different. Back then there was a war name “Trojan War”. The war has its roots from the marriage between Peleus and Thetis, a sea-goddess. Eris, goddess of discord, did not invited to the party but still she stormed to the wedding and throws the golden apple that said,
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