Trolling In Social Media

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The media industry is constantly growing and converging through every American household, so does the number of online trolls. Trolling is a behavior within the internet that is considered a form of bullying and harassment. This behavior can be seen all over the social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and anywhere a comment can be left. These trolls leave negative or cruel comments to aggravate a person for a response in hopes it will escalate. Some instances they will escalate to the point a person will fear for their life due to the threating comments. For example, Caroline Criado-Perez, a feminist campaigner from the UK, was viciously trolled for successfully campaigning women to be on England notes. Online the trolls were sending her rape and death threats, also posting what they thought was her address. Trolling has become an epidemic that should be monitored because as Americans we have rights, it has a damaging effect on society, and it will force society to conform.…show more content…
Most of the trolling done online stems from people having their own opinion and ideas. When someone posts a video, a picture, or a post that is even a little controversial, others will start posting there take on it. Eventually it turns into a nasty argument and the trollers begin there trolling instead of having an adult debate. The definition of arguing is an exchange regarding opposite views done in a hostile manner. Arguing is not an effective way to express points of view. On the other hand, debating is the smarter way to state one views. When one debates they are expressing their views and beliefs in a formal manner. Society knows the difference between but believes both are acceptable because of the trolling that is allowed online. If the comments on line were removed it would force society to had controversial situations
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