Trolls, Sexism And Women Online

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While doing the presentation on the topic of trolls, sexism and women online, there are few learning outcomes that are clearly being drawn. For this piece I will be exploring the example that used in the presentation. I will begin with acts in the example and finished with discussing are there and moral conflict between two sides of the voice. The example we used in the presentation is Lushsux who is a boundary-pushing street artist drew Hillary Clinton wearing swimsuit with stars-and-stripes print on a wall in Footscray West. He asked for permission from the local business owner before he do the mural. After Lushsux publish the mural on Instagram and people started to posting on Instagram and twitter, the mural was given an additional of US dollar bills stuffed down. Later on, Lushsux’s Instagram account was blocked and local government started to said it is offensive to draw a “nearly-naked” women. Then Lushsux paint her into a Muslim women and leave a message “If you do consider it offensive, you are a sexist, racist, Islam phobic, xenophobic, uncultured and ignorant bigot.” No matter how Lushsux change the mural, the local council ask the shop owner to clear it up within 10 days. At the end, the mural has to paint back into all black then problem is solved. Originally, Lushsux just want to draw public awareness. When we look back in his painting, he painted Donald Trump naked and there is no reaction from the local council and nobody gives attention to it. But when it
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