Trophy Hunting : An Expensive Sport

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Every year, trophy hunters kill tens of thousands of animals, some of them threatened or endangered, exclusively for the thrill of bringing home a trophy . In order to acquire trophies, trophy hunters tend to work with outfitters that arrange equipment, supplies, and often trained guides. This section will further elaborate on the business of trophy hunting. Working with a Trophy Hunting Outfitter Trophy hunting outfitters facilitate trophy hunting outings and thereby make such outings accessible to novices and experts alike, provided clients are willing to pay the often substantial financial fees. Outfitters are often able to customize each trophy hunting trip to individual needs and can assist with and advise clients about outing logistics with which they may not be familiar, including licensing and permitting processes, identifying target species, recommending necessary equipment, and even suggesting best hunting techniques. Established outfitters can provide an experienced guide that, in most cases, helps garner a successful kill. How Much Does it Cost? Trophy hunting is an extremely expensive sport. Generally, the high price for a trophy hunting packages includes travel, lodging, meals, on-the-ground hunting guides, permits, some supplies, and preparing the kill for taxidermy. Equipment like hunting rifles, shotguns, bows, ammunition, shipment of the kill, taxidermy, and gratuity are often considered additional costs. Some high-profile hunt costs reported by
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