Trophy Hunting : Hunting For Conservation

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Trophy Hunting
Remember making Mac-n-Cheese all the time in the summer, well trophy hunting is just like making Mac-n-Cheese, kind of. Did you know that a killing of a trophy animal actually helps protects it 's species. Over the past week I have done research, and found many interesting facts about trophy hunting, and today I will share them with you. So next time you go hunting think about this speech. Today I will tell you how trophy hunting helps conservation, about the controversial "canned hunting", and how trophy hunting provides a fitness boom.
When you start with your Mac-n-Cheese, you start with the essentials, like boiling water, or how trophy hunting is crucial to conservation.
The first main point is that trophy hunting can be crucial to conservation. As hard as it is to accept that killing of animals can be necessary to their survival, the facts remain, that without hunting animals would be worse off. Many species have shown great improvement in numbers since trophy hunting began. For example, South Africa’s white rhino’s numbered 1,800 when trophy hunting began in 1968, today there are almost 20,000. Also the numbers of South Africa’s black rhinos have increased, they use to be around 1,000, but now there are almost 4,000. Also most of the proceeds go to reserves in South Africa. One reserve in South Africa used money from two white rhinos killed to pay for 49% of its high tech security fence along the border. This in turn helps anti-poaching units respond
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