Trophy Hunting Is A Sport Essay

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Trophy hunting is a sport that is designed for men to showcase power, skill, and wealth. There is no other way for one to feel more accomplished than hanging the head of a majestic animal that is about to go extinct on a wall. Trophy hunting is a recreational activity which involves the hunting of wild game, such as: rhinos, lions, elephants, and leopards. The more rare the animal, the more value its carcass possesses . It is common for the hunter to keep the head, antlers, skin, and teeth of its prey. However, every other body part is left out in the wilderness as waste.
This ancient sport dates back to times when people could create cave drawings of the act. This sport, although very old, became vastly popular in the 19th century, and has affected different aspects in society, varying from economics to animal endangerment. Trophy hunting today is a highly debated topic, with many different points of views. Some people recognize this act unethical, while others view this act damaging to the ecosystem because of the sudden decline in the population of a certain species. Still, there are people, mainly hunters, who identify this act to be productive, due to the common belief that trophy hunting is helping poor communities and endangered animals through conservations. Trophy hunting in Africa should be banned, due to its increase in animal endangerment and its failure to regrow and help communities and animal populations.

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