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CASE: TROPHY PROJECT 1.1 Executive Summary Executive leaders are the guardians of an organisation’s preferred culture and behaviour, however this is not evident in this organisation, There is clearly no mutual respect for employees’ rights and support from top-level management as people are intimidated and threatened if they do not deliver results. The organizations behavioural strategy needs to transform from a bureaucratic to a learning organisation where employees operate in high performance teams and where good communication and free flow of information flourish (Pieter Steyn & Erik Schmikl, Pg 112 – Pg 113). The organisation does not address any sort of training, employee development, relationships with customers and other…show more content…
No authority and synergy of execution at the project office level. Functional managers focus on their pet projects and there is no indication of any intervention of synergy by the existing PMO. No clear process to deal with scope change. When the client was involved in the project, many scope changes were expected to be effected at no cost and there is no evidence of a formal change management process that was followed. 1.2.4 No Customer Relations Management. Client’s involvement on the project resulted in the scope change, which the project manager was not pleased with. This led to a deterioration of the relationship between the client and the producer. The customer requested a meeting with the operations management team including his team, the operations manager decided not to honor the request and just told the project manager to go to the client. This is an indication of poor customer relationship management hence the break down of the relationship with the client and the unrealistic expectations or rather “scope creep” by the client. No clearly defined roles, responsibility and accountability in the involvement of PMO within the organizational projects. 1.2.5 Inadequate resource/capacity planning and management. Resource planning seems to be a challenge in the

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