Trophy Project

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Problems Identified and Underlying Causes

There are three major problems identified in the Trophy Project case study:
i) Organisational problems ii) Management and Leadership problems iii) Project Management problems

i) Organisational Problems

Although there are signs that the company has a matrix structure in place, they do not follow a programme management approach and numerous failures within the structure exist. Their approach to management is still that of a traditional organisational approach, which tends management to lack both strategic purpose and customer focus.

The effectiveness of this structure is negated by poor implementation and lack of support for project managers by the project office and line managers.
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Short and informal lines of communication were not developed and maintained.

Total Quality Management is absent from the organisation. The company is not focused on continuously improving process performance through measurement of Key Performance Indicators, followed by appraisal and review.

There is the absence of a BSPM (Balanced Scorecard Programme Management) approach for leading and managing the organisation in terms of translating the strategy to operational terms, aligning the organisation to create synergy, making strategy everyone’s everyday job and most importantly, mobilising change through executive leadership.

There is very poor customer satisfaction, service and focus. The client realised that the project was in trouble and requested that the division general manager and his entire staff visit the customer’s plant for progress and a ‘get well’ report. Instead the division general manager sent Reichart, the project manager, and four line managers to visit the customer. The situation deteriorated to such an extent that the customer assigned a representative to Reichart’s department to be ‘on site’ and provide constant updates and problem identifications.

The company’s vision and strategic direction is not clearly communicated and acted upon by all members. Functional managers are working on their own pet projects, which are not contributing towards the

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