Tropical Caribbe Climate Of The Caribbean Essay

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Tropical –The Caribbean CLIMATE: The climate of the Caribbean is tropical but rainfall varies with elevation, size and water currents. Warm trade winds blow consistently from the east creating semi desert places on mountainous islands. Occasional north westerlies affect the northern islands in the winter. The area has year round sunshine, divided into dry and wet seasons, with the first half of the year being drier than the second half. The average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. SOIL: There are three main soil types in the Caribbean Cristal Soil- This soil is usually in coves or on slopes and has layers that stack deep and prevent proper drainage. It is full of clay and mud, with several layers of different types of clay which range in colour from grey to brown to tan. It is not very fertile soil. Zarzal Soil- Zarzal soil is ideal for gardening and landscaping because it drains well and is very fertile. It is commonly on mountainsides and it layers deeply. The soil is dark red and is made of a lot of clay but it drains well. Humatas Soil- This soil is found on ridges and hillsides, it has a silty texture and dark chocolate brown colour for around 10 centimetres. The net subsoil is about 30 centimetres thick with chunks of clay and is a yellow colour. The layers are mostly silty and have lots of clay. Animals Description Turtles Turtles are reptiles that have shells to protect them. They come onto land to lay their eggs. Tapir A tapir is a large herbivorous

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