Trotsky And The Soviet Revolution

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Everyone is a product of their circumstance, yet, important individuals can shape events within their times. The statement “individuals are a product of their times” can be related to Leon Trotsky a Marxists revolutionary whom is famous for his participation in the upheaval of Tsarist Russia throughout the early nineteen hundreds. Born into a period of turbulent social and political change due to the Russian industrial revolution, Trotsky was shaped by his context and events in his early life. However, it is to a greater extent that Trotsky was a significant player and shaper of events within his later life. Trotsky cemented himself as an important Historical figure who was a product of their time due to his participation in Russia 's revolution and the series of important events leading to the revolution, his ability to successfully lead an army of over 5 million in the Russian civil war, intellectual literature on Marxism and revolutionary powers and his position as a Commissar of War. Though this statement was not always relevant to Trotsky, during the struggle for power in the 1920s he was decimated by Joseph Stalin whom had far great ability to politically maneuver his way to power. Trotsky has also been criticised for his inability to formulate realistic policies during the industrialisation debate of the 1920s. He continued to espouse ‘permanent revolution’ at a time when such a policy had little prospect of success. Trotsky’s life after exile proved to be irrelevant
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