Trotsky 's Assessment Of The Continuity Between Stalinism And Leninism Bolshevism

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Trotsky’s assessment of the continuity between Stalinism and Leninism-Bolshevism is valid to a certain extent. It is axiomatic that there is a multiplicity of factors that seem to correlate Stalinism to Leninism, thus adding validity to Trotsky’s assessment of the continuity. However the “straight-line” theory of the continuity between the two ideological phenomena, implied by Trotsky, undermines the divergence between them. Both phenomenons rose up in the Soviet Russia during the times of civil unrest, but Stalinism can be seen as more of a “revolution from above” whilst the Bolsheviks-Leninism can be seen as more of a “revolution from below”.
The historical development of Stalinism can be traced and analyzed through its several stages.
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However, elements of discontinuity are also present as the revolution was perverted by the Stalinist structure as the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat” soon became the dictatorship of Stalin. Furthermore Stalin’s theory of “Socialism in One Country” betrayed that of the Marxist-Leninist theory of propagating socialism to other countries.

In order to fully assess the validity of the statement, two fundamental factors must we must firstly look at. Firstly the aspects of continuity that may have lead to the the statement.Secondly, factors within the Stalinist regime that illustrate aspects of discontinuity from the Bolshevik regime. Lastly, the reason for the characterization, on behalf of Trotsky to possibility to give validity to the Stalinist regime, likening that to the popularized Leninist-Bolshevik regime.

Why does Trotsky legitimize the Stalinist regime as being linked to the Bolsheviks? Trotsky’s assessment of the of the Stalinist phenomenon certainly seems unexpected considering that any link between the two systems would certainly seem to undermine Trotsky’s creditably as the appropriate successor of Lenin.

Trotsky was a renowned revolutionary who played a pivotal role during the Bolshevik Revolutionary. He was born on November 7th, 1879 in Yanovka, Ukraine, to Jewish parents. In many regards, Trotsky
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