Trouble Parts By Matthew Young

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In our modern era, it is very hard to keep up the enormous amounts of literary work produced daily. The Internet has made it almost too easy to load your new favorite short story in less than a second, and you can access it wherever you like. Long gone are the days of rummaging through old dusty books and magazines, still maintained by the nearly obsolete librarian. With all these new and emerging authors, it is hard to keep up with what literary piece should be considered and studied as literature, or merely considered an interesting piece of the time, and not a lasting piece. The short story, “ Trouble Parts,” by Matthew Young, is one piece that should be considered literature and will impact this generation and generations to…show more content…
Throughout this story he gives up several parts of himself in order to make his mother happy. When discovering his sexuality he first felt ashamed by the sexual urges he had to touch himself, so went onto remove his hands. This story greatly impacts the way the LGBTQ community see themselves. Members of this community are used to feeling ashamed and guilty for their sexual orientation and what gender they identify with. This story highlights how detrimental the affects of this guilt and shame people are forced to carry. People would rather resort to losing their hands than dealing with what they are feeling. This is symbolic of how the LGBTQ community would rather lose what makes them unique, what makes them who they are, than carry around the burden they feel for the sexual preferences and the gender they self identify with. Reading this may help someone who is feeling like they have no choice but to hide whom they really are by showing them how it may result in a total loss of self. Those who may be dealing with the guilt and shame associated with their sexual orientation or with the gender they choose to identify with may feel connected to this story in a way that may help them deal with their emotions and help them respond in the appropriate ways instead of loosing sight of who they are. Another very unique group of people that may be impacted by this piece by Matthew Young is the painfully

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