Troubled Marriages: The Importance Of Communication. Both

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Troubled Marriages: The Importance of Communication

Both Interpreter of Maladies and White Teeth leave the reader aware of the effects that troubled marriages have on the adults involved, along with the children involved. The marital problems faced by Samad in White Teeth, and by Miranda in Sexy, cause the reader to realize the importance of communication and honesty between couples. If the various couples in this story communicated openly and honestly with each other, the ensuing problems would have been avoidable and would not have resulted in events that spiraled out of control.
In White Teeth, Samad is an example of a man who experiences a marriage full of issues that lead to more issues within his own personal life, along with the
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This harsh, verbal beat down continues for a page and then Samad reaches that physical abusive level causing him to slap his wife who quickly shoots him with a right hook (Smith, 167). From these two pages, you can visibly see the disconnect between the couple. Instead of being sensitive towards his wife, Samad calls her names which lead to the two arguing and attempting to settle their arguments with a fist fight. This is just one of the examples from this book, that displays how important proper communication is between a husband and wife.
Another scene from this book, involves a lack of communication with regards to Samad sending his son Magid back to Bangladesh, without the approval of his wife. Because of this action, he furthers himself from Alsana and creates more of a barrier between the couple, which leads Alsana to not even speak with her husband. Smith writes:
Alsana had decided to stop speaking directly to her husband. Through the next eight years she would determine never to say yes to him, never to say no to him, but rather to force him to live like she did – never knowing, never being sure…that was her curse upon Samad, and it was exquisite revenge (178)
This example furthers the previous point about communication. If Samad would have consulted his wife before sending his son to Bangladesh, a greater sense of communication has would been established between them. Instead, by not telling her, he continues to worsen
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