Essay about Troubles with Eminent Domain in Iceland

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Iceland recognizes the issue of eminent domain, as they have had trouble with this in regards to geothermal deposits. However, they agree with the ECHR regarding rights to fair compensation. Governments should only take property if it will benefit the public as a whole.
In any case of mandatory purchase, the purchased property should be used for the public good. The government must have proof of a plan to use the property to improve the lives of the public before the property can be purchased. Property must also be purchased in accordance with law, which will vary from country to country.
Compensation must be provided to the person whose property is being bought. Each country should work to set a standard for what is a fair market price,
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There is also something to be said for the boost economies gain once there citizens are able to have families they have planned, and can adequately provide for. This being said, Iceland believes all countries in United Nations should provide their citizens with contraceptives and information regarding their use. This may be done through requiring coverage in health insurance plans, reducing the price of contraceptives, and/or dropping any bans they may have on contraceptives. In addition, a wide variety of contraceptives should be available-both which are for male and/or female use. It is recommended birth control pills, and female and male condoms. This provides citizens with a wide range of options, and the ability to choose what works for them. Religion or cultural belief should not interfere with access to reproductive health services. These services not only prevent pregnancies, but also prevent the spread of disease and reduce risks of cancer. Citizens should have proper education regarding the use, benefits and downfalls of these services. Iceland recommends this begin in primary school. This will give citizens the right to choose what works for them, if they choose to use any at all. Religious and personal ideals are to be respected, and no one should be forced into the use of contraceptives. However, no one should be denied them either.
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