Trove Character Analysis

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How to properly build a character in Trove Have you ever asked a player on Trove what their power rank is and was astonished by their answer? Then this is how they got where they are and what you will need to get your character or character up to the desired level. The first thing you need to do when it comes to becoming a top Trovain player is to look at what gives the power to you as the player. There are three big things that make up your characters. The first one is the level of the character. Having a max level thirty character is one of the first things you need. The second is to keep your eye on your mastery, each level you add to your mastery you get power rank added to all your characters. Thus, bringing…show more content…
Another key factor you will notice as you are leveling up your character is you are unlocking gem slots. This is key to the power rank portion of Trove, and that’s why you need to be level 30 because by doing so you will have unlocked all gem slots and allow you to insert the maximum number of gems onto that character. After talking about leveling and gems a little I will go in a little deeper in the matter. To make sure you can get into the desired portals as you level. Your face, hat, and weapon you should be changing out with the items you pick up from dungeons if it will give you more power rank. Your end gear type will be called Stellar gear but you will end up having to buy that from another player using the in-game currency but that will be needed later. So, in the mean time you will focus on what gear you can find at the end of dungeons. This is also applied to the gems you will get from opening the gem boxes you receive for completing dungeons. You want to equip the highest power ranked gem which is commonly received after opening seventy gem boxes. The prime goal of you leveling and stick on gear is to reach ten thousand power rank and be level thirty. You should be able to do such by leveling the radiant gems up to level fifteen that you will find in Uber eight world. Once you get into Uber nine world with your ten thousand power rank then you will need to change your game play a little on what gems you will equip
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