Troy and Trojan War

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Troy and Trojan War: Final

Topic 2

Helen: What is beauty? Some may say Helen is and was the definition of beauty. Can beauty be born or be simply made by the Gods. Beauty in this epic tale in The Iliad had the power to make any man do anything, Helen being a famous female character in this ancient time made the power of beauty strike. In this period of time walked many strong warriors, many famous warriors. But they all seemed to let Helen has the power. When being this beautiful I believe it came with a big price. She was blamed for the war. She was called the innocent, the guilty, the dangerous, the sinful, the irresponsible, and the woman who “launched a thousand ships”. She was blamed because these men were fools to her beauty. A woman’s beauty can’t possibly be the cause for all this death and destruction. But in the epic tale of The Iliad, these men made Helen the most powerful one of them all. Some say she was the reasoning for all many innocent men who died, but why? Her beauty. Helen of Sparta was the cause of the whole war between the Trojans and the Achillians, which lasted for ten years. She was mortal and immortal, he father was told as being Zeus and her mother was the Leda, the beautiful queen of Sparta. Her mother was a swan so when having Helen she was in an egg. As she grew older all Helen’s suitors came from all over Greece, one of the men were Menelaus who she married. But during an absence of Menelaus, Helen was taken from Sparta by
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