TruEarth Health Foods Market

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The health food market is a rapidly growing industry. As more and more individuals around the world invest more into their health, companies that promise healthier options are now finding entirely new sets of consumer bases. Thus, TruEarth found itself in a position to extend its product lines in order to offer easier pre-prepared meals that still provided a sense of healthy alternatives. One of their first new product launches was the Cucina Fresca line of pastas. Only a year after its introduction into the marketplace, sales for Cucina Fresca had reached over $23 million (). There were notable growing healthy yet quick demands from the market, TruEarth developed its answer, Cucina Fresca; the company found "ways to take advantage of growing demand for quick home meal replacements, refrigerated pasta, and whole grain food options that did not sacrifice taste," (Rangan & Yong 2009 p 3). One of the most successful elements in the new product line was the aggressiveness in the companies launching. Lots of research and development went into the making of the product to ensure quality in order to create a competitive advantage over larger competitor like Nestle and Kraft. TruEarth even worked with outside research agencies, like Nielsen BASES, a market research firm (Rangan & Yong). After much research examining potential purchase potential price points were set and the company saw strong initial success. However, the success of the next product launch, a line of frozen

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