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Hot sand specs, wet dirt, some scrapes, minor bleeding and burns mixed with sweat can be seen glistening on top of my forearms as I gripped the sensitive butterfly trigger of the “Ma Deuce.” Hundreds of expended brass cartridges and links falling off the hood and roof of the truck sound as if Santa’s sleigh has made it to the neighborhood. Even though, the internal radio communications are squelching between member’s inside our truck, those truck commanders from the other three trucks, and the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility) commanders; sounds of my heartbeat and the heavy winding rubber on the road drowns out all attempts of sending or receiving even one complete message. After all, standing inside a truck with a whole…show more content…
Normally, the engineers spend nearly half a day removing ordnance and keep a presence around such an area. However, with the largest field of vision, poked out of the truck, I didn’t see a sign that anyone was coming to commandeer that ordinance. Our routine commenced. After departing the main Entry Controlled Point, where local forces participated in the security of protecting our camp, we stopped briefly at the test fire range. It’s an extremely oversized sand whole where I get to test fire my “Ma Deuce” (.50 Cal, belt-fed, crew served, M2, Browning Heavy Machine Gun). The test passes, as do the others on trucks one and two. And immediately we are on the road, in a town that breezes by in about six minutes of driving. It is a remarkable town with peoples’ business literally in the street. Kids are playing in blown up cars and parents look to be haggling prices at the small stands. Nothing but the openness of the world is just passed this. Although, there is a few check points that our TC (Truck Commander), Wild Man, sends back to the SCIF, before and after approaching. Also, there is a local police check point that is hastily built. Here: always a hand full of unarmored rather small pick-up trucks with a tiny version of my .50 Cal affixed in their beds. The trucks have police stickers on them, along
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