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Truck Drivers So you think you want to be a truck driver? There are actually many different categories of truck drivers. Auto haulers and Car haulers - The name kind of says it all. You 've probably seen the huge trailers that ferry all manner of vehicles. They are often transporting from destinations such as a port or an auction to your local lots. Obviously, you would rightfully imagine that the job comes with higher stakes and of course more pay. Tankers - These trucks are used mostly to haul liquids. They liquids of various categories from gasoline , milk and any other special liquids needed for emergency deliveries each day. They may also haul chemicals as well as gases which are often highly explosive. Therefore, the job requires special training as it is often easy to turn over hauling liquid as the center of gravity changes. It not just liquids with these types of trucks though. What you probably don’t realize is that dry bulk products such as cement and sugar may also be hauled by tankers. Heavy Equipment Hauler -This type of trucking is harder than most, but comes with extra pay, making it worth the extra effort to many. It’s more tricky to operate and calls for higher level of diligence and competence to operate but hauling heavy machinery comes with its perks. NOTE: Driving these haulers is indeed a daunting task and you need to acquaint yourself with what the description calls for. Skill sets vary slightly between these jobs, with that of hauling liquids

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